Bank of Burgundy

Bank of Burgundy


Welcome to the Bank of Burgundy

The Bank of Burgundy, founded in 2017 as a branch of Gewand Manufaktur, provides financial goods and services to its private and business clients. Our goal is to provide LARPers, medievalists, gamers and every other client with the highest quality coins, while keeping the costs as low as possible. We offer our highly-detailed copper coins for the very competitive price of only €0,25 per coin. And for shopping, our silver and gold coins come for free!


Free LARP coins and how it works

Besides our copper coin, we also have a silver and gold coin. The silver coin is available at €2,50 per coin, and the gold coin at €25,00. Before you say "But you said they would be for free - that's very expensive!" - to which you would normally have every right - please continue reading a bit further, and you will find out that we actually offer you to use our silver and gold coins free of charge...

When you purchase our coins, you can use them during your gameplay, buy your friends a round of schnappsroulette, pay your squire, and so on. But there is more: you can use the silver and gold coins as currency in our shop to buy our products!

Example: when you have five golden coins, that's worth €125. You can purchase any item in our shop that has a price tag of 5 golden coins / €125, for example our Sterling silver 14th century ring, a brocade-covered hat in your size, or a tailor-made corset. No exchange fee, no Out-Game euros or bank card to disturb your immersive experience, just cool In-Game trading! So, in the end, using our coins hasn't cost you a copper.


The Bank of Burgundy is here for you

This payment system has great advantages for both players, traders and event hosts.

Please read our Banker's Booklet for a complete overview, and see how easy, comfortable and safe it is to make use of our services. You are most welcome to follow our developements on our Facebook page.

Now go check out our coins and have fun! We hope to serve you well in the near future.

Yours financially,


The Council of the Bank of Burgundy

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New 50 Copper coins by Bank of Burgundy

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New 10 Silver coins by Bank of Burgundy

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New BOB06

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New Coin purse Deluxe

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New Handmade and painted wooden chest

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New BOB07

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New Pre-Con offer: full purse

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