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Brocade coat

can be shipped within 180 days

This coat is tailored, thus custom made, to your specific sizes.

Please check your measurements and select your appropriate size from my
size chart.

The price refers to the materials, colors and materials as shown in the images.

On request, other materials can be used for your coat.

Please note: The specified delivery time of 180days can only be met if all ingredients are available and no changes to the model have to be made.

I work with very high quality and exclusive fabrics whose availabilities I check before each production.

Please contact me before placing your order to discuss all wishes, details, prices and production time.

E-mail: karo@gewand-manufaktur.com

Decoration items are not part of the offer.


Gewand Manufaktur's costumes are especially suitable for medieval re-enactment, LARP and fantasy events. For museum replicas, band outfits and costumes for theater or film productions, please contact us via kontakt@gewand-manufaktur.com.


Product Note Status Price
Linen shirt - 100% linen *pre-order* Linen shirt - 100% linen *pre-order*
Tunic - 100% Linen *pre-order* Tunic - 100% Linen *pre-order*
Linen hosen - 100% Linen Linen hosen - 100% Linen
Fantasy Frock Coat Fantasy Frock Coat
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