Men's cotehardie - Linen

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In the middle of the 14th century, the man wore knee-to-long-legged Cotehardie (frock coat) comparable to the "Schecke" (jacket) of the time, which was tightly waisted and closed with different kinds of closures. Mostly, the fashion on the forearm was decorated partly with many small buttons (made of fabric, brass or tin). Furthermore, many new techniques have been applied to the clothing cut, such as new cuts in which the seam extends over the chest and the hem to the thigh or modified variants to use sleeves.

Custom-made to your measurements.

Material: 100% wool or 100% linen if desired

Color: as desired


Gewand Manufaktur's costumes are especially suitable for medieval re-enactment, LARP and fantasy events. For museum replicas, band outfits and costumes for theater or film productions, please contact us via


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