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The cote, also called "tunic", goes back to antiquity. Although this fashion was replaced by body-conscious cuts over time, the cote remained in use among the working population. The style of wearing varied, for example, in the style of the neckline, which either remained large enough to slip in, or narrowed by laces, a fibula, or buttoned as in the 13th century.

The rectangular base section was refined without chamfered shoulders with inserted triangles, wedges or slits from the armpit and hip. As a result, walking or riding was facilitated. The sleeve cut was not only worn in a simple rectangular shape, but varied well before the 13th century. Starting from France, in the middle of the 13th century, various variants of the fashionable, tight-fitting forearm appeared. These used simple, foldable lower arms, which later had to give way to the buttoned sleeves. For practical reasons, the seam was also laid on the back of the arm.


Material: 100% wool or 100% linen if desired

Color: as desired


Gewand Manufaktur's costumes are especially suitable for medieval re-enactment, LARP and fantasy events. For museum replicas, band outfits and costumes for theater or film productions, please contact us via


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