"Heideblüte" - Medieval dress / Fantasy dress

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The name of this dress, as much as the dress itself, is inspired by the color of heath. The pale-colored, lilac linen dress radiates femininity and sensuality. The hood, the long, wide sleeves and the wide hem give the wearer a mysterious aura.


100% Linen

100% Made in Germany


This dress is made exclusively at a local tailor. A small inventory of prefabricated dresses is available.

I plan to expand in other confection- and length-sizes. If you do not want to wait that long, or have another color request, then just write me and I'll make you your dress: karo@gewand-manufaktur.com


For jewelry and belts, please take a look at GM Jewelry.


The arms belong to "Einfache Tunika" dress, which was designed complimentary to the "Heideblüte" dress.


Gewand Manufaktur's costumes are especially suitable for medieval re-enactment, LARP and fantasy events. For museum replicas, band outfits and costumes for theater or film productions, please contact us via kontakt@gewand-manufaktur.com.


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