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About the team

Gewand Manufaktur designs, produces and sells costume couture: medieval and fantasy garments and accessories.

Karolin Fischer founded the Gewand Manufaktur in 2012. Karo is a trained fashion maker and apparel technician, with over 10 years of professional design and production experience in the apparel and jewelry industry. In recent years, she extensively researched Medieval clothing and specialized in the fashion of the 14th and 15th century. Renowned reenactors and knights from all over the world belong to her circle of customers.

In 2015 she started working on a unique fantasy collection. She designed stage outfits for bands like Saltatio Mortis and Mr. Hurley & the Pulveraffen. The relaunch was fully developed in 2017 and she went on tour with her own fantasy collection for the first time. At the end of 2017, she moved to the beautiful rooms of an old mill loft, where from now on guests can be properly received. With the move to the new larger premises, she started her own small in-house production.


About the workshop

Just outside the picturesque town of Lemförde, Germany, lies the complex of a former goose farm. A tree-lined driveway leads you to the owner’s villa, behind which a small group of farm-like buildings hug each other around a small square. The bell-tower’s clock can be seen from every location on the premises, and it rings every thirty minutes or so. 

It is here on this square that a single flight of stairs will take you to the workshop of Gewand Manufaktur: a lovely loft, crossed with thick black beams of decades old oak, and lined on one side by windows that flood the spacious workplace with sunlight. Shelves are stocked with fabrics, buttons, lace and ostrich feathers. Pin boards are chock-full with sketches, pictures and samples for next season’s collection. Basically every corner of the floor breathes the spirit of the seamstress who creates her enchanting goods here... Will you come and take a look?

We would love to welcome you for an appointment. Please write to kontakt@gewand-manufaktur.com and together we will pick a date.