Gewand Manufaktur designs, produces and sells costume couture: medieval and fantasy garments and accessories. Our products are uniquely produced for your specific order: your model, your sizes, your colours. This includes tailoring services for people of every size, age, and physical condition. In addition, we have a small selection of standard products. Our tailor-made way of working requires a different interaction with our clients – that’s you – to manage expectations and set the framework for a satisfying conversation and purchase.


Tone of voice & behaviour

Although this may seem an unusual point to begin with, we kindly ask our clients to show respect, patience and understanding to our team members. Gewand Manufaktur’s garments are made with passion: we try to capture each client’s specific wishes into every item we create. This takes time, dedication, and sometimes more than one try. In the past some of our team members have been discouraged by the abnormally rude behaviour of clients; a resulting loss of team members is something that we cannot tolerate. Therefore, please be informed that Gewand Manufaktur takes the right to discontinue its services to any client if he/she decides to cross the border of reasonable behaviour, with no reimbursement of (pre-)payments when Gewand Manufaktur has already made costs to manufacture your order. Said client will be placed on our black list, which means that we will not be providing this person with any of our services. We thank you for your understanding, and we hope that such measures are not needed for our cooperation with you.

High quality, low quantity

Gewand Manufaktur is driven by a small team of experts: we are good at what we do, but we can only do so much. That means that we won’t always be able to pick up the phone on the first ring, answer your emails within two days, or finish your order within days. Please be assured that we do our utmost to fulfil the wishes of all our clients in a timely manner, but not at the cost of quality. In case you wish to order a high quantity of products, please be informed that a longer delivery time may apply as we need to allocate extra capacity for fulfilling your order.

Two-way obligations for tailor-made garments

Tailor-made garments require the cooperation of the client, for example by measurement-taking and try-on sessions in our atelier in Marl, Niedersachsen, Germany. When your garment is ready for a fitting session (either in prototype fabric or the final fabric) we will contact you to plan a date and time when you can come and visit us in our workshop.

In case you are unable to visit us, we can come to you. Try-on on location will be billed separately, needs to be paid before the visit, and cannot be reclaimed. The same applies for delivery of the final product: you can visit our atelier, as tailor-made garments will not be shipped. This way we can make final adjustments if necessary, and ensure that both parties are satisfied with the final result.

Please be informed that as per 2019 we will no longer perform try-on sessions of work-in-progress garments, or deliver finished garments, on events.

Pricing and rules for payment

Overall, our policy is to offer our garments for a price that is as favourable as possible for our clients. We are fully aware that we are not the cheapest, but this was never our aim anyhow: we aim to deliver you with the highest quality of products, with the possibility to incorporate your specific wishes in your dream garments.

Our strategic manager likes to make calculations, hence we know precisely how many meters of each fabric we need for each size of each garment. We also know how much all of these fabrics costs at our suppliers, how much time it takes for our seamstresses to sew a garment, and what our fixed costs are for usage of machinery, electricity, heating, et cetera. All these elements are included in our product prices as you find them on our website. Our prices are therefore non-negotiable. For custom-made garments, big size garments, and other client-specific wishes and needs we recalculate our prices.

Most of our clients have specific wishes for fabric types and colours. With hundreds of fabric options, it is impossible for us to have all fabrics it stock. This means that we will purchase your specific fabrics as soon as we have received your order and payment. For order below €750, we require payment in full. For orders from €750, we require a prepayment of 70% to place your order on our to-do list and get started on it. The remaining 30% can be paid before delivery of the finished order.

In case of changes and/or dissatisfaction during and/or after production

In case the client or Gewand Manufaktur cancels the order, or any form of order disruption is the result due to an external factor, and Gewand Manufaktur has already put effort into your order, you will not be reimbursed in full. In case of a client-specific design, the design will remain in ownership of Gewand Manufaktur and will not be delivered to the client. In case you wish to change the product during or after the procurement phase, we need to charge extra costs for the indicated changes plus the costs of the resulting consequences this may have further on in the production process. Gewand Manufaktur will not continue with production of your order until these charges are paid in full. In case your garments do not fit due to a mistake on our side, we will adjust our mistake free of charge. In case your garments do not fit, although the garment is made according to the latest measurements and wishes we have from you, it may be possible to make changes at an additional charge.

Delivery time

We have very few products in stock, as most of our products are made-to-measure. Due to the high demand of our products, we have a waitlist of around six months for non-standard products. As we are only a handful of seamstresses, delays may occur due to i.e. sickness. Of course you will be informed in a timely manner if such a delay occurs. During the summer season, our production speed is lower than during the winter season, as we are most of the time on the road from market to market. In case you wish to have your garments ready before April, please place your order before October 31st of the previous year. Example: for products to be ready before April 2019, the deadline for your order is 31 October 2018.

Gewand Manufaktur on events

When you are looking for a trader that stands out of the crowd, Gewand Manufaktur is the trader for you! We bring our medieval tent and turn it into a pop-up store almost every weekend during the summer season. You can find us on many events in Germany. Please feel free to study our mannequins standing outside, but moreover: come in, take a look at what else we have to offer, and feel free to make a chat. Our team is there with only one goal: to help you as best as we can.

Are you an event host and do you want Gewand Manufaktur on your event? Please write to kontakt@gewand-manufaktur.com to discuss the details.

Gewand Manufaktur designs – do’s and don’ts

Gewand Manufaktur has its in-house designers for garments, jewellery and accessories. These designs are owned by Gewand Manufaktur and are strictly prohibited from copying. This includes slight colour, model, or detail changes. Please be warned that Gewand Manufaktur will take legal measures against anyone copying its designs.

In case you want to have an exact replica of a product that is originally made by another designer, we kindly invite you to contact this designer and not us. We respect the creativity of our colleagues and competition alike. It is however possible to provide us with inspirational material with which we can create a new design for you. Most historical garments and accessories (read; medieval, baroque, etc) are free to replicate, and we are most happy to do so for you.

We do not sell our patterns to private persons. In case you are a business and you are looking for clothing and/or accessory designs, please write to us via kontakt@gewand-manufaktur.com. We can provide you with unique garment designs on paper and as digital patterning file formats, including but not limited to material choice counsel, procurement of raw materials and production.

Gewand Manufaktur’s fabrics

Our trusted list of suppliers for all high quality materials we use has been established over the course of years. Many of these suppliers produce very small quantities of certain fabrics, wefts, designs and colours, so it may happen that a specific fabric is sold out by the time we establish your order. Gewand Manufaktur will then advise you on the best alternatives for your order.

Unless included in a product, we do not sell our fabrics from the roll as we are no reseller of fabrics. When we select a special fabric for your order, you do not purchase this piece of fabric; you purchase the garment in which it is used. Rest pieces of fabric remain property of Gewand Manufaktur and may be used for other purposes.

Combining Gewand Manufaktur garments with other items

Of course, you are free to wear your Gewand Manufaktur products as you desire. However, it may not always be possible to adjust our product to your already owned garments. We advise our clients to combine our products with other products of Gewand Manufaktur or products from other artists of equal or higher quality.


Gewand Manufaktur’s product lines

GM Collection

Gewand Manufaktur designs its own garments. We have a range of models that can be purchased as they are displayed in the corresponding product pictures. Note: many product pictures show additional garments and/or accessories, which may or may not be included in the featured product. Please read the product description, or e-mail us with your questions and remarks.

You can request a colour and/or model change for every product, by adding the ‘colour change’, ‘model change’ and/or ‘100% tailored’ products in your order. In the comment section of your order, you can specify what kind of change you wish to request. We will then get in touch with you via email to discuss your wishes in more detail.

Tailor-made i.e. custom garments (incl. bands, movie/theatre costumes, for-business)

In addition to our standard products, it is possible to have unique garments designed just for you. Please note that a custom outfit starts at €1.500 per outfit, as we need to allocate extraordinary amounts of time for your measurements and try-on visits to our workshop, draft individual patterns for each of your garments, and allocate extra capacity for having your unique garment sewed by our designer.

Historical reproductions

With a combined experience of over 30 years in the re-enactment scene, our team is able (and more than willing) to make historical clothing replicas according to your wishes. For wearing, show fights, museum displays: we can advise and make your dream garments. Our specialization is Western-European fashion between 1200-1800, but we love to take on a challenge with something different. Sets of historical garments are treated as custom garments, see above-stated conditions.

Fee Collection by Gewand Manufaktur

The Fee Collection is a unique collection of garments, specifically designed for medieval and fantasy festival visitors who want to wear something nice during the festival, but what is also suitable for daily wear. It is exclusively available in our tent on medieval and fantasy festivals. Curious? Visit us at one of the events we are at this year!

Wedding Garments by Gewand Manufaktur

Gewand Manufaktur is happy to make a bridal dress, men’s costume or matching set for your wedding! Historical, fantasy, gothic, typically Gewand Manufaktur or anything else: please write to kontakt@gewand-manufaktur.com to discuss your wishes.

Do you want a total package including uniquely designed jewellery, wedding rings, coiffure and make-up, and photography for your wedding day? Ask us for the details.

For wedding garments, we need to discuss and confirm your order at least 12 months before the date of marriage: your body changes over the course of a year, so we want multiple fitting sessions in our atelier to make your special outfit as perfect as possible. Due to past experiences we do not take any exceptions on this term.