50 Copper coins by Bank of Burgundy


50 Copper coins by Bank of Burgundy

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The Bank of Burgundy brings a new set of coins on the market. This copper coin comes from the line of copper, silver and gold coins. Here are some advantage of this coin:

  • Design is inspired by the French Blanc au Soleil, a fifteenth century coin. Not showing any brand name, company logo, event brand or high fantasy depiction. This adds to the immersion of the currency in your roleplay.
  • High quality production by one of the top minting companies in the world.
  • Copper plating has anti-bacterial properties and image relief isn't excessively high, which makes this coin cleaner and safer than most alternative LARP coins.
  • Bank of Burgundy coins can be used to purchase goods and services at participating shops on LARP-events in Germany. Gewand Manufaktur is the first participant, more will follow soon*.

Technical details:

diameter: 24 mm

Height: 1.5 mm

Material: copper-plated zinc

Weight: Won't rip your belt when carrying a full coin purse.


This product is sold in bags containing 50 copper coins. 


* Are you a trader on German LARP events? Interested in using this coin as a currency in your shop? Request our info-sheet for more information: juwelen@gewand-manufaktur.com. 


Product Note Status Price
10 Silver coins by Bank of Burgundy 10 Silver coins by Bank of Burgundy
1 Gold coin by Bank of Burgundy 1 Gold coin by Bank of Burgundy
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