Fantasy-houppelande "Queen's Landing"


Fantasy-houppelande "Queen's Landing"

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Who said that it is not possible to look great and feel comfortable at the same time?

This top quality loden wool overdress steals the show. Loden provides good warmth for its weight, is relatively supple, windproof and extremely durable.

This item is made to custom order.

Material: 100% wool
Please ask for available colours.


Gewand Manufaktur's costumes are especially suitable for medieval re-enactment, LARP and fantasy events. For museum replicas, band outfits and costumes for theater or film productions, please contact us via


Product Note Status Price
Pendant "Philip the Bold" Pendant "Philip the Bold"
Simple tunic dress *pre-order* Simple tunic dress *pre-order*
£90.00 *
Slever Sleeves Slever Sleeves
£85.00 / set(s) *
Decorative belt Decorative belt
Fantasy vest "Queen's Landing" Fantasy vest "Queen's Landing"
£110.00 *
Fantasy skirt "Queen's Landing" Fantasy skirt "Queen's Landing"
£75.00 *
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